At What Age Do Chickens Start Laying Eggs?

by admin on July 31, 2012

Most people based this on the chickens actions whether they are about to lay and egg or not.But this is when actually the chicken lays their egg based on the overall average.

  • Lighter pullet breeds will start to lay eggs anytime from 3-6 months. These kinds of chicken are being bred for a higher rate of production and to reach sexual maturity earlier. Production of eggs depends on the breed type of the pullet. The breeders want nice large eggs that will be more likely to give a successful hatch rate.
  • Most breed starts to lay around 5-7 months and you can be able to maximize there laying capacity by letting them eat laying pellets but it also depends on breed of the chicken if they suitable of the laying pellets you gave to them. Chicken can still lay egg if you let them free roam from your area. Naturally the hens have the ability to lay eggs but it will be faster if you give them pellets that will quicken their laying rate. It all depends on there environment, health, breed and what kind of food you are giving them to eat.
  • Chickens with a high breed takes time to reach their sexual maturity, and as a result this will also result to a longer time that they will lay their eggs for the first time.  It’s even longer when these chickens are exposed to a natural environment and without any aid of any artificial pellets to let them lay an egg earlier.

So in the overall average, chickens will start laying eggs between 5 and 8 months depending on the breed. Their eggs at first might be very small but after that it will be normal like all of the chicken eggs you can see in the market. The earlier the chicken lays an egg the earlier it is also the chicken will stop laying eggs after the years of producing eggs.

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